The Patriots have 2 more in them…

I’m not a New Englander, and when Brady and Belichick move on, I’ll try to find a new team to fill the void on Sundays.  I grew up a Cleveland Browns fan, but they proved to me that loyalty to franchises is a waste of time.  The new “Browns” are an absolute insult to the fans of the old team, especially considering how good the Ravens have been.  But, after they cut Bernie Kosar in 1993, I became a free agent and decided the Browns would no longer be allowed to ruin my Sundays.  i love the game itself more than any franchise or city in which they play.  I’m a fan of great players and coaches, like being a fan of great artists or musicians.  The Patriots of the past decade are a very special team in football lore, and they’re not done.  They’ve overachieved since Brady’s return from injury in 2009, and they get better every season.  The greatness of Brady and Belichick has allowed them to raise expectations by contending with a relatively weak roster that has been rebuilding since the losses of key defensive greats like Bruschi, McGinest, Vrabel, Ty Law, Richard Seymour, Asante Samuel, and the great Rodney Harrison.  But they look to be setting themselves up for a run like Elway’s Broncos in 1997 and ’98.  If it’s not something you’d like to see happen, I’m sorry and don’t intend to offend you or your favorite team.  But, if you truly love the game of football, I think that the Patriots should be much more revered than reviled.  But again, I respect anyone’s personal choice or preference to disagree in this matter.  But, when doing so, please don’t bother to waste time with ridiculous notions such as “spygate” or narrow losses in the past 2 Super Bowl appearances playing any part in detracting from their legacy.  We all know they haven’t won a Super Bowl since spygate.  But we also know they went 18-0 following that event, of which none of us really know the exact details.  We also know that they’ve managed to emulate the exploits of Landry’s Cowboys or Walsh’s 49ers in the era of free agency.  They’re great.  And I believe the coach and the QB ride off into the sunset together with their 5th Lombardi Trophy.  But it’s just my humble, relatively educated opinion.


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